Pick your own Blueberries, Raspberries & Flowers at Turkey Hill Farm, Haverhill, Massachusetts
  This is a beautiful hilltop farm growing delicious Blueberries & Raspberries for you to pick in July & August! You can also pick flowers from mid July to early September.
  We also grow beautiful Christmas trees for you to choose, tag & cut in November & December. Tagging always starts the first Saturday in November (this year November 4).
  Everything is grown with spizzerinctum!
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Turkey Hill Farm
380 Middle Rd, Haverhill, Ma 01830
978 372 9474 turkeyhillfarm@comcast.net
   If you have not picked berries here before, we encourage you to give us a try. Our fields are clean and neat. Picking is surprisingly fast and easy.
  Our blueberries are chosen for flavor, ease of picking and large size. We have the best tasting berries!
  Children are always welcome but leave your pet at home. We provide free picking containers and have toilet and hand washing facilities near the fields. Free cold drinking water is always available.
  Berry picking usually starts about July 1. Blueberries go through late August and Raspberries end in early August. Check the comments at the top for up to date picking conditions.
  So called "peak picking" is mysterious and unpredictable. Picking conditions are controlled by many things but mostly by temperature and number of pickers. We will honestly explain picking conditions on this web site so visit it often as we change it very often, sometimes hourly.
  To have "peak picking" all the time we are very organized and have a few rules. We expect all ripe blueberries to be picked from one bush before starting another. Raspberry pints can't be heaped up. We intend to stay in business so we don't want the berries eaten before they are paid for. Cash or checks only. Please leave your pets and credit cards safely at home.
  If you don't want to follow rules or want to eat while picking please visit our competitors.
Join our mailing list for rare announcements. We will remind you when Christmas trees are ready for tagging and when berries are ready for picking.
We are open daily 8am to 4pm for Blueberry and Flower picking.
Closed Mondays & open until dark Wednesdays.
 Pick 8am until DARK today,last late closing of the year.
Unusually good Blueberry picking continues and we will have fantastic picking all day. We open new areas with fresh picking as needed all day. Come see a most beautiful Blueberry crop!
 Flowers are really beautiful. Pick often, bring friends. Rain or shine.
 This was updated 8/23/17 at 7:10am and will be again as conditions change.
 NO ENTRANCE FEES, pay cash or check for what you pick. Eat them AFTER you pay for them.